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Tiegerman Preschool/Elementary School-Glen Cove » TIEGERMAN Dress Code Policy

TIEGERMAN Dress Code Policy

TIEGERMAN Dress Code Policy


TIEGERMAN maintains a dress code policy for school-age, middle and high school students.  TIEGERMAN recognizes the importance of preparing our students for the rigorous world of work and post-secondary opportunities.  How our students appear and present themselves will be critical for their future.  We have partnered with the uniform company, Flynn & O’Hara.  Items are available for purchase online at as well as at the following store locations:


Long Island (516) 221-3006                         Queens (718) 326-2704

131 Sunnyside Blvd Suite 104                       The Shops at Atlas Park

Plainview, NY 11803                                     8000 Cooper Ave (Lower Level)

                                                                        Glendale, NY 11385

                                                                         *logo available in person at Queens location only


Brooklyn (718) 567-8593                              Staten Island (347) 682-2221           

6719 18th Ave                                                 2645 Forest Avenue                           

Brooklyn, NY 11228                                      Staten Island, NY 10303


Bronx (718) 863-7561

136 Westchester Square

Bronx, NY 10461      


Required Uniform List


Glen Cove Elementary School Students Grades K-6


Navy Poly/Cotton Pants or Skirt

Navy Pull-on Elastic Waist Pants if needed

Navy A-Line Jumper with Logo or without Logo

Blue Long or Short Sleeved Blouse or Button-Down Shirt

Navy V-Neck Cardigan Sweater or Sweater Vest with or without Logo


Accessories can include:

Black or Navy Crew Socks

Navy Opaque Nylon Knee-Hi

Navy Orlon Knee-Hi

Navy Opaque Tights

Navy Ribbed Tights

Black or Brown Reversible Leather Belt



Dress Code Guidelines:

 -Students are expected to arrive at school and to remain in dress code throughout the day (except when engaged in physical education activities).

-Students must present a note to the teacher when a legitimate reason exists for arriving at school out of dress code.
-All clothing and belongings should be clearly marked with the student’s name.
-Sneakers are to be brought in on gym days.
-Alternate attire is permissible when specifically requested by your child’s teacher for a class trip or special occasion.
-Jeans, cargo pants, and mini-skirts are not permitted.