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Data Privacy and Security » Education Law 2D Compliance Documentation

Education Law 2D Compliance Documentation

Parent and Student Bill of Data Rights:
List of 3rd party providers
Product Provider/Company  Contract Expiration Supporting Documentation 
Web-based Learning Platform Google Classroom August 31, 2024
Progression and Growth Subscription NWEA  
Math and ELA Subscription ESPARK August 31, 2024
Raz-Plus Classroom License Learning A-Z August 31, 2024
Textbooks and Instruction Materials HMH
K-12 Reading Subscription Dreambox Learning July 11, 2024
Technology Based Curriculum IXL
September 21, 2024
K-12 Educational Curriculum
Savvas Learning Co.
Cognitive and Literacy Subscription FastForWord October 6, 2024
Interactive Lesson Plans Nearpod August 31, 2024
Coding Subscription Kodable September 30, 2024
Interactive Learning Platform Quizizz
K-3 Educational Activity Subscription BrainPOP Jr. December 7, 2024
Classroom Management Platform ClassDojo
Science/Math Software Explore Learning August 31, 2024
Education, Testing and Assessment Software  NCS/Pearson
Prek-6 Educational Games ABCya March 1, 2024
Scheduling Software Primetime Table May 22, 2024
Reading/Phonics Program LexiaCore5
Special Education Student Information Program Management   Frontline IEP Direct June 30, 2024
Social, Emotional and Learning Curriculum Emotional ABC's April 21, 2024
Computing Infrastructure Software Oracle
Assessments and Therapeutic Materials
Online Education Software Edclub, Inc.
Online Education Resource
Nursing Software ProMed Software
Adobe Creative Cloud Adobe
Website Building Platform
Online Design Platform
Canva N/A