Tiegerman Home

Our Mission

The Tiegerman mission of “teaching the extraordinary” reflects the organization’s goal to substantively transform the lives of individuals with developmental disabilities from preschool throughout adulthood.  We are committed to providing an enduring opportunity for exceptional instruction, education and support to ensure that the children and adults that we serve achieve their potential in life.  We believe that each individual is extraordinary and through our extraordinary efforts they will achieve a more independent and successful future.

About Tiegerman Schools

Tiegerman Schools are special education schools for students with special needs ranging from PreK through High School. We have campuses in Nassau County and Queens and serve students throughout Long Island and the five boroughs. We have innovative programs that address the needs of children with Developmental Disabilities, Learning Disabilities, Language Disorders, Hearing Disorders, Reading Difficulties/Delays, Autism, ADHD and Dyslexia. Our team of educators develops a custom program for each student. Our students also receive specialized therapeutic services that support their unique needs including speech/language therapy, physical/occupational therapy, counseling, adaptive physical education, and computer-based learning instruction.

About Tiegerman Community Services

Tiegerman Community Services offers adults with developmental disabilities a supportive and nurturing environment that promotes a lifetime of personal growth, learning and self-esteem. The program is designed to assist individuals with acquiring, retaining and improving their communication, socialization and the ability to interact with others in the community. Each individual has a Habilitation Plan that details desired person-centered outcomes so they can discover areas of interest and develop skills that may lead to a vocational path. 

Educational Programs & Community Services

Child Care and UPK

Our A.L.L. for Kids Child Care is for children 33 months to 5 years old. We ensure that children are engaged in meaningful and appropriate learning activities that set a solid foundation for learning.  Tiegerman's UPK program provides educational programming that prepares children for kindergarten success. Our UPK instruction is aligned with the NYS Prekindergarten Foundation for the Common Core. 

Tiegerman Schools

Tiegerman is a New York State approved non-public school program (K-12) for students with language disorders and developmental disabilities. Our programs focus on providing language-based learning for students to establish the foundation for their educational and social development and prepare them for a world filled with words, sentences, stories and messages. We focus on the relationship between language development and academic success, providing intensive language immersion and academic instruction.

Tiegerman Community Services (TCS)

Tiegerman Community Services (TCS) is a part of the Tiegerman family of programs. It was established to meet the needs of adults with developmental disabilities who were graduating from Tiegerman and/or other local high schools. In addition to Day Habilitation programs in Queens and Nassau County, TCS provides a residential home for adults of varying abilities. Adults from all walks of life are invited to join our living community of actively-engaged individuals. We provide a creative living and working environment which facilitates personal growth.