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Resources for Families

Being armed with information about autism spectrum disorder (ASD) and developmental disabilities helps families feel more comfortable as they face new challenges. Some families need to know where to start when one member of the family has been recently diagnosed. Other families face unexpected difficulties as their loved ones with ASD or developmental disabilities learn to live effectively in home, school, or community settings.

We are dedicated to supporting families by making information and resources more readily available.  If you have information that you think would be beneficial to all please email us and we will post the information here.


  • Blog site: Lainie of Leisure
    Shared by a mom who understands the need to communicate this important message.This is a powerful and compelling speech given by a young autistic women on her daily battle. 
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  • Subway Sleuths 
    An after-school program at the New York Transit Museum that uses a shared interest in trains among kids on the autism spectrum as a means to encourage peer-to-peer interaction and develop social skills and confidence through goal-oriented sessions.
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  • Autism Family Online
    This site is for parents, family members, educators, Speech Pathologists, therapists and others who work to support the learning and living needs of individuals with Autism Spectrum Disorders and related learning challenges.
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  • Autistic Weighted Vest
    Children with autism and ADHD may get anxiety relief from a new weighted vest developed by NYKNYC.
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