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Parent Trainings

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Time of Stress - Parent Training
Talking to our children about Covid-19 and creating a schedule to reduce stress. In this training, we explained how parents should talk to their children about Covid-19 depending on their age, why precautionary measures are important and reassuring your children that things will be okay. There's also information on why routines are important during such uncertain times and that we should be mindful of how we deal with stress because children respond to our own reaction during stressful times.
Dealing with Stress and Anxiety. In this training, we talked about being able to recognize our stress and having effective coping skills to manage them. Stress can cause burnout and we don't want to get to that point. If we don't take care of ourselves properly then we can't take care of others. Also, finding ways to cope as a family is important because it helps to keep everyone connected.
Using Technology/Apps for Learning. In this training, we talked about how technology has been able to help us during remote learning. There are many benefits of using technology in education and with the different apps that have been created, the process of remote learning was much easier. The training also explained having healthy habits with the use of technology.

Being Social While Social distancing. In this training, we talked about different ways that children and families are able to connect with their friends and loved ones during a time that social distancing is very important. Technology has made it easier for us to see others without physically having to be with them. There are many virtual tours/trips that children can go on for free.

Cultural Sensitivity/Diversity. In this training, we explained how parents should talk to their children about others who might look different from us or have different cultural practices than we do. We should also be mindful of our own actions towards those who are different from us because as parents we're the best role models to our children. There's also information on what we can do with our children to expose them to different cultures and why it’s important, especially with classrooms being very diverse. 
New Routines at Home, for Pre-K. In this training, we talked about helping your pre-schooler understand their new routine at home.