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Tiegerman School at Woodside » Health


Welcome back!


The Health office is excited to start the 2023-2024 school year.


Every August we re-acquaint you with Tiegerman’s Health Office Policies and Procedures.  All policies remain the same:    

  • Physical exam required yearly
  • Immunizations must be up-to-date
  • Medication administration must be authorized  by both the parent and the physician

Please note: nebulizer treatments at school continue to be reserved for those who cannot use an inhaler. 

  • Yearly documentation of allergies and medication must be on file
  • Acknowledgement and confirmation of food allergy policy must be on file
  • More detailed information on all policies can be found on our website. 


In this letter we would like to review information regarding the health and safety measures that can protect us throughout the year.



  • Health checks
    • If you’re child exhibits symptoms of an illness or complains of not feeling well please keep home.
    • If your child exhibits symptoms during the day, they will be brought to the health office and parent will be contacted.

           Make sure the most current emergency contact information is on file at school.

  • Strict adherence to healthy hygiene practices
    • Stay home if sick
    • Model and reinforce proper handwashing at home
    • Model and reinforce proper cough etiquette at home
  • Cleaning and disinfection guidelines strictly adhered to throughout the day


Health and safety are our priority.  As always, it takes a community effort.  Please help us to keep our students safe and optimize their learning environment.  Any questions/concerns please contact your building’s school nurse.