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Parent Training

Training Parents to Help Children - Part I - CMC
2020-2021 Parent Trainings will be held virtually due to COVID-19 protocols.  Each Parent Training session will be recorded and a video will be sent to all families, monthly.  

September – COVID-19 & your child:

Parent Training-COVID 19

Dealing with Stress & Anxiety


Social Distancing  


October – Open School Night Presentation


November - The Social-Emotional Piece of COVID and

Helping Students Navigate Through this Difficult Time

(Passcode: sq5&nA=.)


December - Mindfulness

(Virtual Presentation by Dr. Feuer from Northwell Health)


January - OPWDD

(Presented by Christine Austin, Tiegerman Community Services)


February - Graduation Requirements

(Pre-Recorded Video Below)


June 2021 - Ask Toya on Self Direction (from a parent's perspective)
Join Mrs. Toya, Tiegerman Parent Liaison and Ms. Amanda Helfont, High School Guidance Counselor as they speak with Mrs. Cassie Schneider-Ruiz, a Tiegerman parent about her experience with self-direction. Mrs. Ruiz walks them through the process of obtaining self-direction for her daughter. They talk about timelines, brokers, budgets and all the benefits that come along with it. Come learn the ins and outs of process and enjoy hearing about all the amazing opportunities it can bring.