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Tiegerman Preschool/Elementary School-Glen Cove » Preschool Program

Preschool Program

Young students outside with pumpkinsTiegerman's Preschool Program focuses on providing language-based learning for children to establish the foundation for their educational and social development and prepare them for a world filled with words, sentences, stories and messages.  At Tiegerman, we believe that language is the most important skill a child needs to learn before he or she enters elementary school.


  • Our Preschool Program provides 12 month educational programming
  • Children 2½ to 5 years of age
  • 9:00 AM-3:00 PM (5 hours of instructional programming with a non-instructional lunch)
  • Self-contained classrooms are comprised of 12 students, 2 certified special education teachers and 2 teaching assistants
  • Integrated classrooms are comprised of 15 students, 1 certified special education teacher, 1 certified general education teacher and 1 teaching assistant


All classrooms function as language laboratories in which activities are structured to increase social interactions by facilitating communication among peers and teachers


Tiegerman's preschool curriculum and instruction are aligned with the New York State learning standards in order to ensure that all students are engaged in meaningful experiences and appropriate learning activities that will prepare them for their elementary academic experiences.  With a thorough understanding of expected learning outcomes outlined in the learning standards, teachers are able to design challenging activities and identify the supports needed for each student to participate in these activities in accordance with his or her IEP.  All lessons and activities are theme-based and designed to develop critical language and academic skills.      

The related services provided at Glen Cove include speech-language therapy, occupational therapy, physical therapy, auditory training and counseling services.  These related services are intensive and highly individualized to meet the needs of each student. 


All students in the Glen Cove Preschool Program attend weekly special classes including computer instruction, library, music, art and gym.  They also participate in school clubs to facilitate peer socialization and take part in theme day activities and other enrichment activities throughout the school year.  In addition, all preschool students have the opportunity to participate in various recitals during the school year such as Holiday and Moving Up Performances.

Tiegerman is committed to the use of technology to enhance instruction and to motivate and engage all learners.  All classrooms are equipped with computers used daily to support instruction though engaging activities, songs and stories.  Promethean Boards are also used by classroom teachers to reinforce reading and math concepts, strengthen language skills and further develop students’ computer skills.  This technology allows for the presentation of visually stimulating and interactive lessons in which students participate in activities such as identifying and matching letters, numbers and colors and following verbal directions.  IPads are used by classroom teachers, speech-language pathologists and occupational therapists to target students’ individual goals as needed. 

Tiegerman believes in the power of schools and families working together to support student learning and growth and encourages parents to become active participants in their child’s education.  Tiegerman offers classroom video viewing opportunities for parents and monthly parent training programs led by highly trained professionals.  Parents are welcomed as volunteers and are encouraged to join our Parent Teacher Friends Association (PTFA)


For more information about our Preschool Program, please contact the Admissions Office at (516) 609-2000, ext. 323.