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Tiegerman Middle School-Glen Cove » COSA


We are so excited to welcome everyone to the 2023/2024 School Year! C.O.S.A. (Coordinator of Student Activities) encourages students to be involved and responsible for the operation and execution of all school events.
The spirit of Tiegerman Middle School will be reflected by many events that will enrich the students. Some events include: Homecoming, Unity Day, Debate Team and Virtual Activities.
Through our Student Leadership Council and our monthly Student Council meetings, the students have a voice in what they want to make happen. Our goals are to be able to provide more opportunities for new programs. The students look forward to our fundraisers because they are the driving force of our success. I’m confident that C.O.S.A. will continue to grow because of the support from Administration, Teachers, Students and Parents.
Kind Regards,
Natalie Levy/COSA Coordinator