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PTFA / Parent Resources

Come Join the Tiegerman Middle School PTFA!


What is the PTFA?


A Parents, Teachers and Friends Association (PTFA) is a fun, sociable and charitable committee of people who wish to assist in providing enjoyable and enriching activities and social events for our students and the entire Tiegerman Middle School family. 

It provides an opportunity for everyone to work together towards a common goal. All parents, teachers and school staff can get involved even if they only have a small amount of time available.

Purpose of our PTFA:

    • To assist our teachers and administration in providing special activities and celebrations for the students of Tiegerman so as to give our children the most typical middle school experiences.  This will be achieved by providing fund-raising opportunities and collecting parent contributions to support these expenses, and by volunteering.
    • To build community among the geographically widespread families of Tiegerman, to support each other, and build a strong parent network.  This will be achieved by completing our family directory, and by forming connections during many volunteer opportunities at our school. 
Tiegerman Middle School PTFA President-Dorothy Pinlac

Woodside Parent Workshops 2018/2019




September 17th

School Policies and Procedures



October 31st

Leading with Literacy

(Reading Specialist)


November 19th

Health Related Issues


December 21st

Internet Safety/Social Media/



January 17th

Fostering Life Skills in the Home and Community

(Life Skills Teachers)

February 14th

Prepping for NYS Exams

(ELA & Math Teachers)

March 19th

Diploma Options/Transition Planning

(Joanna Di Gianni)

April 18th

Cultivating Language with Apps

(Speech Pathologists)

May 7th


(Joanna Di Gianni)

June 4th

Keeping Your Child Active and Healthy

(PE/Health Teacher)


Stimulating Your Child’s Creativity

(Art/Technology Teacher)


Preventing Skill Regression