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Tiegerman Community Services » Respite


Tiegerman Elementary Upper PlaygroundTiegerman Community Services (TCS) operates a weekend respite program every other Saturday located in Glen Cove N.Y. The weekend respite program is designed for children on the Autism Spectrum. The program focuses on developing play and socialization skills as well as providing much needed respite for the families. The day is structured in 20-30 minute intervals for each activity. The weekend program includes physical education and recreational activities in four groups of 8:1:3. Students are rotated through various classes to provide them with developmentally appropriate activities and socialization experiences.

In order to qualify for Day Habilitation services you must:

  • Must be ages 11-18 yrs old
  • Have front door eligibility
  • Have OPWDD approval

For more information regarding Respite Services please contact our
Christine Austin at (516) 609-2000 ext. 803

Tiegerman Community Services is pleased to announce a new Saturday Respite Program for adults (18+) which will start March 2, 2024. The program will be geared towards socialization and recreational activities. We are looking for candidates to assist with making our amazing individuals day great!