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Ask Toya

Have you ever had a question about special education that you just couldn't find the right answer to?

Are you unsure if your child has a developmental or learning disability?

Now, all of your questions can be answered! All you have to do is...
Toya Davis, Parent Liaison for Tiegerman, works between all of Tiegerman’s schools and programs, keeping families up to date on all the new educational changes that may affect their child's education. She also attends IEP meetings and workshops to keep herself current on all the changes coming down from the NYS Department of Education. Toya has been involved with Tiegerman since the very beginning, when she was looking to help her pre-school aged son, and was pointed in the direction of Dr. Ellenmorris Tiegerman, who changed her family’s life forever. With Dr. Tiegerman’s guidance, Toya’s son was taught communication skills, and Toya learned how parents can become effective advocates for their children – a gift that money cannot buy.
Today, Toya’s son has a successful career with the Town of Hempstead, and Toya could not be more proud of his accomplishment, all thanks to Tiegerman. Toya is extremely dedicated to Tiegerman’s mission, and strives to 
help parents, the way Dr. T helped her.
Toya knows first hand how challenging it can be to navigate your way through identifying your child with a developmental or learning disability, so she is here to help! You no longer have to worry or stress over trying to learn what everything means, or what your next step is - every Tuesday, Toya will be talking and answering questions about the identification and growing process, so that you won't feel like you're lost in the dark.
Submit your questions to [email protected]
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