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Tiegerman Preschool at Far Rockaway » Universal Prekindergarten (UPK) - Far Rockaway

Universal Prekindergarten (UPK) - Far Rockaway

We are currently accepting applications for the current school year (2023-2024) and next year (2024-2025)! Please see below for more information!

Tiegerman Universal Prekindergarten (UPK) is a full-day inclusive prekindergarten program (8:30 a.m.- 2:00 p.m.) for children who will be 4 years of age on or before December 1st.  The program provides language-based learning to establish the foundation for educational and social development and to facilitate all students’ achievement of high learning expectations.  Tiegerman UPK places a strong emphasis on language and literacy development as a foundation for learning. 


Classes will be comprised of up to 20 students, 1 NYS certified early childhood education teacher, 1 NYS certified special education teacher and 2 teaching assistants (i.e., 20:2:2 classroom ratio).  Instruction is aligned with the NYS Prekindergarten Learning Standards and the Creative Curriculum.  It is also structured around thematic units designed to teach critical language, literacy, cognitive, social-emotional and motor skills.  Learning experiences incorporate a balance of direct and incidental instruction and include meaningful, developmentally appropriate learning activities provided in a warm and nurturing environment.  Learning activities are designed to help children achieve expected academic and social learning by the end of their prekindergarten year, and to prepare them for their elementary academic experiences. 


Tiegerman UPK is committed to the use of technology to enhance instruction and to motivate and engage all learners.  Promethean boards are used by classroom teachers to reinforce reading and math concepts, strengthen language skills and further develop students’ computer skills.  This technology allows for the presentation of visually stimulating and interactive lessons in which students participate in activities such as identifying and matching letters, numbers and colors and following verbal directions.  

Tiegerman believes in the power of schools and families working together to support student learning and growth and encourages UPK parents to become active participants in their child’s education.  UPK parents are welcomed as volunteers and are encouraged to join our Parent Teacher Friends Association (PTFA). 

For more information about our Universal Prekindergarten program in Far Rockaway, please contact Christine Poblete (718-868-2961 x1451).

Completed applications should be returned to:
Tiegerman Preschool at Far Rockaway
264 Beach 19th Street
Far Rockaway, NY 11691
Attention: Christine Poblete
Phone: 718-868-2961 x1451
Fax: 718-868-2015