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School Age Admissions Procedures

Our school-age program focuses on the relationship between language development and academic instruction. Language learning ability is the cornerstone of all areas of academic learning. Parents are invited to tour Tiegerman and observe our unique program, including our transdisciplinary curriculum. Our tours are held monthly, and you can find these dates under "In-Person Tours". 
 If you are interested in in attending one of our in-person tours, please click here to see our current schedule. 
Application Process
Candidates for admission will be considered after the following has been received:
  • A completed application form
  • Psychological, Neuropsychological, or Psychoeducational Evaluation
    • K-2 evaluation within 1 year, 3rd and above evaluation within 2 years
  • Speech/Language Evaluation
    • Evaluation must be recent
  • Recent school reports - please include copies of report cards
  • Current IEP (Individualized Educational Program)
  • Teacher Report Form (provided on our website, under "Application Files")
  • Other relevant evaluations/reports (Occupational Therapy, Physical therapy, Neurological Reports, Psychiatrics Evaluation)
Upon receipt of the completed application, the packet will be reviewed by the Admissions Committee. Please note that our admissions procedure is time intensive. Professionals from Tiegerman provide their expertise in reviewing all applications. Selections for classroom screening is based upon this review and determination of appropriate openings.
Students are accepted when an appropriate opening becomes available for the following year. Since Tiegerman utilizes a rolling admissions policy, parents are notified throughout the year.
For an application, please refer to our "Application Files" page, or contact Tiegerman Admissions Department directly:
Telephone: (516) 609-2000, ext. 323
Fax: (516) 609-2017