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Tiegerman High School - Richmond Hill » Tiegerman Dress Code

Tiegerman Dress Code


TIEGERMAN recognizes the importance of preparing our students for the rigorous world of work and post-secondary opportunities.  The New York State Education Department has set forth the Career and Development Occupational Studies (CDOS) credential requiring work related activities in school and the community.  All schools in New York City will be competing to obtain job training opportunities for their students.  How our students appear and present themselves will be critical to the ultimate success at acquiring placement opportunities to meet their work based learning hours for this credential.  We want to give our students the best chance:  Dress for Success!


High School


Boys: Navy or Khaki pants with blue long sleeve dress shirt, Tie (royal & power blue), Navy blue blazer with school emblem patch, Navy or black socks, black or brown belt, Navy or black shoes


Girls: Royal and Power blue plaid wrap around kilt, blue long sleeve blouse, Tie (royal & power blue plaid), Navy blue blazer with school emblem patch, Navy tights, Navy or black shoes


Uniforms can be purchased by mail, fax, or phone or online through Flynn & O’Hara or you may purchase them independently.



Flynn & O'Hara Uniforms
The Shops at Atlas Park (next to Forever 21)
8000 Cooper Avenue Lower Level (Accessible from the North Garage)
Glendale, NY 11385
(718) 326-2704


Dress Code Guidelines


  • Students are expected to arrive at school and to remain in dress code throughout the day (except when engaged in physical education activities).
  • Alternate attire is permissible when specifically requested by your child’s teacher for a class trip or special occasion. Parents will be notified of such changes.
  • Students must present a note to their teacher when a legitimate reason exists for arriving at school out of dress code.
  • All clothing and belongings should be clearly marked with the student’s name.
  • Weather conditions may dictate a change from dress code policy.  Parents will be notified of such changes.
  • Jeans, cargo pants, mini-skirts, and low cut/revealing clothing are not permitted.
  • In each school, the Principal and/or his/her designee shall have the authority to require a student to change his/her attire should it be deemed inappropriate according to the above guidelines.
  • No body piercings or visible tattoos.


Physical Education


Students are expected to wear gym clothes and sneakers while engaging in physical education activities.  These clothes can be brought to school daily or can be kept at TIEGERMAN.  Students who are not wearing the required gym attire will not be permitted to participate in class that day.