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Tiegerman High School - Richmond Hill » Parent Training

Parent Training

December Parent Training 

Wednesday, September 21st  

Meet the Administration

Mrs. Leonardi- Principal

Ms. Ehrlich- Assistant Principal

Thursday, October 27th


Coordinators of Student Activities (COSA)

Mr. Viquez- COSA Coordinator


Wednesday, November 23rd


Diploma Options/Graduation Requirements

Mrs. Helfont- Guidance Counselor

Wednesday, December 21st


How to Prepare for the New York State Regents Exams

Mr. Lemos- English Teacher

Ms. Baron- Science Teacher

Mr. Butler- Math Teacher

Mr. Denis- Social Studies Teacher


Wednesday, January 18th


Transition Process/Post-Secondary Options

Mrs. Helfont- Guidance Counselor


Wednesday, February 15th


Work Based Learning/Travel Training

Todd Conis- Employment Specialist

Stefan Leon-Transition Specialist


Wednesday, March 22nd 


Vocational Pathways

Ms. Del Giudice- Computer Arts

Ms. Thomas - Business Technology

Ms. Pierre- Retail Marketing

Ms. Radford- Culinary Arts


Wednesday, April 19th

Mental Health- What You Need to Know and How to Help

- Social Worker

Wednesday, May 24th

Tiegerman Community Services

Christine Austin-TCS Supervisor

Wednesday June 21st


Puberty/How to Keep Your Adolescent Active and Healthy

Mr. Kriz- Physical Education Teacher