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Something about myself.

Hello my name is Geetika Nainani. 
I am currently the ELA  teacher at Woodside 2 the Tiegerman Middle School. 
I have been teaching and tutoring English and Math for the past 5 years and absolutely love it. 
I have amazing TA's in my classroom and we work as a team. 
I also teach Life Skills and Math. 
I found this passion of helping kids out after I had my own kids. 
I want to reach and make a difference to as many kids as possible. 
One of my hobbies is to spend time with my family and make memories. 


Recent Posts

Math-7th grade_Quiz

There will be a test on Thursday, 1/17/19 for 7th graders. 
Students are responsible to know how to plot ordered pairs on the coordinate plane. Label the 4 Quadrants and know which points are on each quadrants. 
There will 5 Extra Credit questions about what we learned on Absolute Value and negative and positive integers
Every student has a study guide and we have been practicing this for an entire week. 

Science-7th grade-Quiz

We will be having a test on Friday, 1/18/19 on the study of cells. 
We have been learning about the three main parts of the cell: Cell Membrane, Nucleus and Cytoplasm. 
Students are responsible knowing the function of the each part. 
We have talked about the functions in depth and as a follow up activity we watch video on these. 
Students have a study guide to help them study for this test. 


This week we are learning about how we can take care of our bodies and what steps are involved in personal hygiene.
We will also be watching few videos to help us visualize the steps. 


This week we are working learning about what comparing and contrasting is. 
We will be watching few videos and use a Venn Diagram to help us visualize things. 


This week our 7th graders will be learning about Integers and Coordinate Planes. They will be able plot point on the X-axis and the Y-axis.