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Mrs. Geetika Nainani » Something about myself.

Something about myself.

Hello my name is Geetika Nainani. 
I am currently the ELA  teacher at Woodside 2 the Tiegerman Middle School. 
I have been teaching and tutoring English and Math for the past 5 years and absolutely love it. 
I have amazing TA's in my classroom and we work as a team. 
I also teach Life Skills and Math. 
I found this passion of helping kids out after I had my own kids. 
I want to reach and make a difference to as many kids as possible. 
One of my hobbies is to spend time with my family and make memories. 



There will be a quiz on animal and plant cells on Friday. So far we have covered the similarities, differences and functions of each organelles.
Students are responsible for reviewing the study guide. and they should know how to label an animal and a plant cell.


This week we will completing a Venn Diagram and transferring similarities and differences between an Animal and Plant Cell. 
We will also compare the organelles parts of our city and how each one of them is important to run and have their own functions. 
They will have a quiz on Friday on definitions of the different organelles in Animal and Plant cell and what we have discussed so far regarding their functions. 


This week we will be learning about terminating and repeating decimals. 
Go over what Mixed numbers, improper fractions, and mixed numbers are. 
We will also be going over place value related to fractions. 
Towards the end of the week, we will cover rounding decimals to the nearest place value and converting decimal into fractions and fractions into decimals. 

Life Skills

This week we will leaning about Nutrition and reading the Nutrition facts labels. 
We will be looking into what our body needs in order to function in the right manner and some of the food we can avoid. 


This we will be learning about Animal and Plant cells. We will be watching few video and taking notes. 
We will also be able to label parts of each of the cell and complete a Venn Diagram comparing the two.