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A note from Miss. Wong

"Every child is an artist. The problem is how to remain an artist once we grow up"- Pablo Picasso
Hello parents and families,
      I am Miss. Wong, the Art and Technology teacher here at Tiegerman Woodside Middle School. It is my second year teaching here and I am excited for another new, school year again. I have all the students this year, whether it is between Art or Technology, I see their faces every day in classes or in the hallways.  I am a lover of the Arts, I have been involved with Art since I was in kindergarten (my Mom claims) and went to C.W. Post campus, Long Island University for my undergraduate degree in Art Education, and my Masters in Studio Art, with a concentration in Mixed- Media.
      Between student teaching years ago that really pushed me to be an educator more. I came from four years working with pre-K students before I began at SLCD, and growing up in my parents Chinese take out store as a restaurant kid at heart. Since my parents retired in February 2017 and we said good bye to their place of 25 years, I learned a lot growing up to be the person I am today by working there. I know, two different responsibilities, but what is similar is the patience you learn to have with different individuals. I believe if you have a great work ethic, you learn to strive to make good choices and become a role model for other individuals and have fun on what you love to do.
       This school year, I am looking forward to continuing with the students from last year- the only part that is different is many have experienced changes and how tall they have gotten. The 6th graders, what a creative bunch we have! All of our students, it's going to be a busy year in Art and Technology, however I am always learning and seeing how special as they continue to be forever learners.
         My two teachers assistants are Miss. Torres and Miss Opeodu. We are together in Art and Technology, and are excited to take part in this school year. Please if you ever have any questions and concerns, my email is: My extension is: 415 or 420.
         Thank you everyone, to a great 2017-2018 school year!