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Welcome Parents and Students!

Hello Parents and Students - I hope that you are all doing well during this uncertain time.  I will be posting assignments on a weekly basis.  As per the emails and phone calls, if your child is in my homeroom (HR 8) and you have ANY questions whatsoever, even if they are for another subject that I do not teach, please contact me and I will get you help/a response as soon as possible.  The best way to reach me is [email protected]
Welcome to Mr. Formont's 6th & 7th grade Social Studies and 8th grade Exploring Careers homepages!
About Me: I've been working here at Tiegerman for about 5 years.  I have been a T.A., Science Teacher, Home and Careers Teacher, and (currently) a Social Studies and Exploring Careers Teacher.
I studied History at St. John's University and I studied Education at Adelphi University.
My certifications include Social Studies, Grades 7-12 and Students with Disabilities, Grades 1-12.


To All of My Classes

Please make sure you are looking at my Google Classroom page. That will be the only place assignments will be posted from now on.

7th Grade - Video for Find Out Friday

Thank you to the 9 students that submitted questions on time - your hard work does not go unnoticed. After viewing the video, complete the Nearpod using the code JXMQG

6th Grade SS - Finding the Moral of a Fable (5/5 & 5/6)

Watch the video instructions for Tuesday and Wednesday's activity where you will choose 1 fable to read each day in order to try to determine the moral (lesson) of the story. This will help you prepare for when you write your own fable, starting on Thursday.

7th Grade SS - Week of 5/4

Thank you again to those that are keeping up with your work. I know this is a huge change so if you're having a hard time- try your best and reach out for assistance. 
Here are the plans for this week:
Monday 5/4 -  Watch my video for instructions on how to create/upload a video presentation. Today, choose 1 part of the project that you completed (it could be something you created, your essay, or whatever you chose to do for part 3.) You will record yourself sharing your work (it does not have to be long) and you will share it by visiting the website 
Your ID is your first name and HR #.  For example, If there was a Peter in HR 7, his ID would be PeterHR7.
*After you do this - do the nearpod code FDSYV - You will submit 3-5 questions about social studies or ANYTHING you are interested in. I will create a video answering as many of your questions as possible and you will watch the video on Friday.
Tuesday 5/5 - Record 1 more part of your project and share it to the flipgrid website posted about, using the same ID
Wednesday 5/6 - Watch 3-5 video presentations and complete the Nearpod activity using the code: ZIFLK
Thursday 5/7 - Watch 3-5 video presentations and complete the Nearpod activity using the code: ADTJH
Friday 5/8 - Watch the Find Out Friday video that I will post Thursday night. Then, complete the Nearpod activity using the code: JXMQG

6th Grade SS - Week of 5/4

I loved your Ancient Greek God presentations! I miss seeing you all but I enjoyed the amazing work you showed in your presentations!
Here are the plans for this week
Monday 5/4 - Complete the Ancient Greek Gods matching activity on Nearpod (HR 10-12 code: KMYNU)      (HR 13 - code: KNDUA)
Tuesday 5/5 - Happy Cinco de Mayo!  We are going back to learn about Ancient Greek literature, specifically Fables.  In today's Nearpod, you will see 2 different fables. You must choose just 1 fable to read and determine the moral (lesson) from the story. Use the Code: BSJLD
Wednesday 5/6 -  In today's Nearpod, you will again see 2 different fables. You must choose just 1 fable to read and determine the moral (lesson) from the story. Use the Code: EJNYW
Thursday 5/7 - Now that we are familiar with fables, you will try your best to create your own. Look at the file I posted and the video lesson to start writing your own fable.  If you're having a hard time, I shared an outline with fable suggestions, or you can create a comic instead of writing. But remember, fables do not have to be long to teach a lesson.  Today, outline your story.
Friday 5/8 - Start writing a rough draft of your fable. Send me whatever you complete to [email protected]

Exploring Careers HR 2 - Week of 5/4

Hi HR2! Thank you all for your hard work! I hope everyone is doing well. If you have any questions about the work or just want to chat, please email me ([email protected]) I miss you all!
We are at the point of our class where we are assuming you got the job you want (congrats :p) and now we will be talking about how to keep that job. Here are the plans for this week: 
Monday 5/4  - Complete the Nearpod to discuss/learn about when it is okay and not okay to call out of work. Code: QRWVS
*Alsocomplete the Nearpod for Wednesday's activity ON MONDAY (Get it, do it on Monday so I can have a video for you on Wednesday - all you have to do is submit 3-5 questions about ANYTHING - I prefer most questions be about careers.) Use the Code: NMVZR
Tuesday 5/5 - HAPPY CINCO DE MAYO - Complete the Nearpod to learn about problems in the work place Code: ZWAJE
Wednesday 5/6 - "What's Up Wednesday?" I will post a video answering as many of your questions as I possibly can. That's why it's so important that you submit them on Monday's Nearpod.  After you watch the video, complete the nearpod using Code: JTLXW
Thursday 5/7 -  Complete the Nearpod to learn about Issues with Work Code: ICKPR
Friday 5/8 - This Nearpod lesson is about Personal Life Vs. Work LIfe Code: XOSYF

6th Grade SS - Find Out Friday! (5/1)

Watch this special edition of Find Out Friday! Make sure to complete the Nearpod using the code PCMXF after you watch the video. If you did not submit questions for Friday, do not do so at this point, it is too late. But you can still earn credit by completing the Nearpod above.

6th Grade SS - Ancient Greek God Mini-Project

Look back at the 1st 6th Grade SS post to see which god you have.  Make sure to watch the video directions so you know what to do. You have to color a picture of your god (it could be with markers, crayons, etc. or do it on your computer using the Paint program - whatever works for you!)
Poseidon - pages 1-2
Ares - pages 3-4
Aphrodite - pages 5-6
Apollo - pages 7-8
Athena - pages 9-10
Hades - pages 11-12
Zeus - pages 13-14
Hera - pages 15-16
Hestia - pages 17-18
Artemis - pages 19-20
Hephaestus - pages 21-22
Hermes - pages 23-24