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This is my fourth year teaching at Tiegerman Elementary and tenth year overall. I spent prior years as a teaching assistant in second, fourth and fifth grade classrooms. I collaborate with our music teacher, Mr. Mitnick, on our annual Holiday Show and Moving Up Ceremony by playing the drums. 


ELA: Grammar- Adjectives Tuesday 5/12

Adjectives worksheets uploaded to Nearpod.

Social Studies Tuesday May 12

The Battle of Trenton youtube videos and text, pictures and quiz through Nearpod.

Social Studies Monday May 11

Fort Ticonderoga youtube videos, text, pictures and quiz uploaded to Nearpod.

ELA: Monday May 11

Reading Comprehension story with comprehension questions uploaded to Nearpod.

ELA Reading Comprehension Friday 5/8

Reading Adventure with comprehension questions uploaded to Nearpod.

ELA: Theme

The Magical Brocade story link through youtube from the Wonders Literature Program with Nearpod graphic organizer activity.

ELA Reading Comprehension Wednesday 5/6

Bedtime Stories uploaded to Nearpod along with reading comprehension worksheets.

ELA: Grammar- Possesive Nouns

Changing singular and plural nouns into possesive nouns using worksheets uploaded to Nearpod.

The Declaration of Independence

Nearpod quest with virtual reality field trips, informative text and comprehension questions on the Declaration of Independence and how and why it was conceived.

The Battle of Bunker Hill

The Battle of Bunker Hill youtube videos and Nearpod assignment with text, pictures and multiple choice quiz.

ELA Reading Comprehension Monday 5/4

Reading Comprehension story "Pictures in the Sky" uploaded to Nearpod.

Lexington and Concord

YouTube videos and Nearpod assignment on the battle of Lexington and Concord.