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Ms. Amedo » All About Miss Amedo!

All About Miss Amedo!

I have been teaching at SLCD since 2009.  Each year has shown me what terrific students attend this great school.  My hope for each student is that they have a fun and fulfilling school year and feel proud of their accomplishments.  I know that this year will be nothing short of spectacular!
When I am not teaching, I enjoy hiking, kayaking and spending time with my family.  


Online Math Games

Happy Earth Day from Lawrence! Lawrence knows how important it is to protect our Earth! Earth’s safety is in our hands!
Happy Earth Day everyone!  Check out Ryan and his family's Earth Day Robot!  Reusing materials is a great way to help protect the earth!

Earth Day Craft!

We celebrate Earth Day on Aprill 22nd.  This is an Earth Day craft that you can complete to show why you "heart" the Earth.  Choose the pages that you would like to complete.  Cut, glue, color to complete your craft!  Take a picture and send them to your teachers so we can post them on our website!

This Week in SA 3...

In ELA we will be finding the Main Idea and the Details in a text, that relate to the main idea. We will be reading non-fiction texts and articles about SPACE. We are getting excited about our upcoming field trip to the Air and Space Museum in May!
In Writing we will be writing descriptive paragraphs, using strong nouns, adjectives and verbs to create a clear picture for their readers.
In Math we are continuing with reading, writing and calculating with decimals. We will be focusing on decimals in money and the value of different forms of money (dollars and coins).
In Science we will be learning about and viewing different examples of physical and chemical changes. 
In Social Studies, we will be focusing the events leading up to the American Revolution.

This week in SA-3...1/2/19-1/4/19

Here is a look at what we will be doing this week...
ELA - We are practicing recognizing text structure and Description text.  
Social Studies - We are learning about the Spanish explorers.  
Math - We are practicing multiplying by a one-digit number. 
Science - We are learning about ecosystems and the relationships within them. 
Happy New Year Everyone!

Here is what is happening in SA-3!

ELA: Main Idea and Details in non-fiction texts
Social Studies: Early cultures that settled in North and South America
Science: Parts of Plant and Animal Cells
Math: Comparing Numbers