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Welcome to SA 9!


Welcome to the 2019-2020 school year!  We are excited to welcome you and your child to third grade!  


We are committed to helping your child meet their personal and academic goals.


We believe a positive learning experience is built on a cooperative effort among parent, child, and teacher. With your participation, we can look forward to a productive, creative, and enjoyable year together! Please feel free to contact us with any questions or concerns you may have at any time. 
Mrs. Anastasio and Mrs. Little


Social Studies Lesson Plans- Week of 4.27

This week in Social Studies, students will continue exploring the Jamestown settlement. Who was the leader in Jamestown? How did settlers pack for Jamestown? At the end of the week, students will write facts and illustrate important people and events on a poster for their Jamestown Poster Project.

ELA Lessons Plans Week of 4.27

This week in ELA we will practice grammar with past-tense verbs. Students will identify, sort and write past-tense verbs. We will also learn about irregular verbs and use them in sentences. On Friday, students will practice their Fundations phonics skills by identifying closed-syllable exceptions with -ild.

ELA Weekly Lesson Plan Week of 4.20

This week in ELA we will read more about the things found in the universe. We will continue to read the ELA text, Earth and It's Universe and begin to read the expository text, Saturn. We will continue practicing the strategy of visualization, using titles and headers, pictures and clue words to find the main idea in both texts.

Hooray for SA 9!

We are so proud of SA 9 students! Despite these unpredictable circumstances, SA 9 students demonstrated they can learn from anywhere! We hope you and your families are staying safe!

Lessons Plans for ELA- Week of 3.30

Students will start the week by reviewing the definitions of vocabulary words that are found in the ELA text selection for the week. On Tuesday and Wednesday, students will begin to reread the ELA Wonders text selection, Jane's Discovery about a girl that lived in the 1800's. Students will use Nearpod lessons to identify the characters and events in the story. They will also practice finding the main idea of the story using the strategies reviewed last week. On Thursday, students will practice their Fundations welded sounds of ang and ank. Lastly, on Friday students will read assigned books on Reading A-Z. All daily intro videos and supplemental worksheets with modifications will be emailed.

Lessons Plans for Social Studies week of 3.30

Students will continue learning about natural resources this week! They will review natural resources and identify the uses of some of them such as trees, rocks and soil. On Wednesday and Thursday, students will review renewable and non-renewable resources. Lastly, on Friday students will go on a Scavenger Hunt to find resources in and around their homes. Daily intro videos and modified lessons with worksheets will be emailed.