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Ms. Frederique » ReadTheory HR8 Grading Rubric

ReadTheory HR8 Grading Rubric

  5 points (great) 4 points (good) 3 points (fair) 2 points (poor) 1 point (unsatisfactory)
Topic sentence My first sentence restates and answers the question clearly        
Details I have 3 ideas to support my answer. I provided examples, I elaborated, and I made connections. I have at least 3 sentences.        
Closing Sentence I have a closing that restates my first sentence, says how I feel, or tells the reader to take action.        
Grammar/Mechanics I proofread my work to make sure the sentences make sense I spelled commonly used words correctly, and I used the appropriate punctuation marks.        
Organization I open with a topic sentence, then provide my supporting ideas and elaborate after each idea, and finally close my paragraph with a closing sentence.        
Total Points: