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6th Grade Teacher- Various Subjects

My name is Julissa Cadenillas and I am very excited to be teaching 6th at the Tiegerman School for the 2017-2018 school year! I began teaching 6th grade in 2003 upon obtaining my Masters in General and Special Education. I've loved teaching middle school ever since. :)
For this school year, I will be co-teaching various 6th grade classes.  These classes include: Life Skills, English Language Arts, Social Studies, Art, and Physical Education. I have extensive experience in incorporating the performing arts to teaching the core subjects. Upon receiving training in dance education from the renowned Dance Education Laboratory I learned how to use dance and music as a vehicle to understanding key concepts in many academic subjects.
Life Skills
Life Skills will encompass various topics geared toward to preparing the middle school to become more independent in every day life situations.  The topics include: 1.) Focusing On You and Your Relationships 2) Charting Your Future, and 3) Investigating Food and Nutrition
English Language Arts
Students will  study and improve the art of the English language. The topics to be covered are: reading, spelling, literature, and composition. Writing genres include, but are not limited to: narrative writing, descriptive writing, persuasive writing, expository writing, and poetry. The aim of the class is to develop the student's comprehension and capacity for use of written and oral language.
Students will engage in entertaining reading and writing games. Music and creative movement will also be incorporated!
Social Studies
Students will explore many topics in Social Studies. Topics include: Geography, Early Human History, Early Civilizations in Southwest Asia, Africa, and Early European History.
In Art Class, students will explore various types of visual art. Topics include: drawing, painting, print making, design, crafts, photography, and video.
Physical Education
In PE, students learn how to move their bodies fluently and develop the knowledge, fitness levels, physical skills and personal and social skills necessary for a lifetime of health and physical activity.
Musical Theater Club
I also coordinate the Musical Theater Club at SLCD. I have experience teaching and performing several dance genres such as ballet, flamenco, latin dance, tap dance, jazz, and modern dance. I am an alumnus of Dance Education Laboratory, a program which trains teachers to teach dance in the classroom. I was also a finalist in the 2016 New York Flamenco Certamen, a flamenco dance competition for emerging flamenco artists. I love musical theater and hope to transmit this joy to my students.

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HR10-Life Skills-Jan.14-18, 2019

HR10- Life Skills-Jan.14-18, 2019: Students will continue learning about personal hygiene. They will learn how many times they should do each personal hygiene step.
They will also begin the Unit of Nutrition and watch a Flocabulary video about Nutrition.  They will also learn about the 6 important nutrients from the "Nutrients Song" video.

HR10-Reading and Writing-Jan.14-18, 2019

HR10-Reading and Writing-Jan.14-18, 2019: Students will continue reading The Frog Prince.  They will respond to comprehension questions based on the story and each student will take turns reading a passage aloud to the class.  On Friday, students will take a Spelling/Vocabulary Quiz based on The Frog Prince. Vocabulary Words- nasty, court, well, spell, silk
Spelling Words-favorite, thought, maybe, again, people

HR7-Reading and Writing Jan. 14-18, 2019

Reading and Writing Jan14-18: HR7 students will finish watching It's a Wonderful Life and cover the following literary terms while watching the movie: antagonist, protagonist, theme, flashback, and plot. Wednesday we will begin to read Clever Manka, a Czechoslovakian Folk Tale. Students will understand the elements of a folk tale and plot the story on a plot diagram.
HW- #1,2,3 due Jan15, #4 and 5 due Jan15. Write a sentence for each vocabulary word-Due Friday, Jan. 18th 

Reading and Writing for HR10-Jan7-11, 2019

Jan 7 and 8, HR 10 students will engage in Reading and Writing Games such as Bananagrams (spelling game like Scrabble), Reading Comprehension Game (Pirate Island), 5 in a Row (Punctuation Game), Hermit the Crab Bingo Game,High Frequency Word Game. 
The rest of the week, students will begin to read The Frog Prince as a whole class. They will be introduced to the vocabulary words prior to reading the book.Students will then take turns reading aloud the book to improve their fluency and answer discussion questions. 
HW- Using the vocabulary worksheet, use 2 vocabulary words in separate sentences.

Life Skills HR10- January 7-11, 2019

HR 10 will review the "Tops and Bottoms" song to learn the proper way to wash their hands. They will also work in pairs to use ADL Hygiene booklets. With the ADL booklets they will match each hygiene description with its proper visual representation.
Students will also learn about the 6 important nutrients by watching the Nutrition Music Video from the Flocabulary website. They will also complete the Quick Review Quiz to emphasize important points and take notes on the Nutrition worksheet.

Reading and Writing for HR7

The Week of January 7-11, 2019- HR 7 will engage in a Debate exercise as a class.  The topic will be which is the best burger restaurant-McDonald's, Wendy's, or Burger King. this is in conjunction with the persuasive writing essay they completed before the Winter Holiday Break. They will also learn the importance of literary devices such as theme, protagonist, antagonist, and flashbacks.  They will review these literary devices by observing the way they are applied in the classic movie titled "It's a Wonderful Life."
HW- Responses to Study Guide Movie Questions #1 through 5 are due by Friday, January 11.


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Reading and Writing Test                                                                              Ms. Cadenillas

PartII ocabulary:Directions- Write the definition for the following words.

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