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Mrs. Kalafatic » Welcome to PS3!

Welcome to PS3!

Hi, my name is Mrs. Kalafatic. This is my 7th year teaching preschool at Tiegerman and my 9th year working here. I have a Masters in Early Childhood Education and additional certifications in Students with Disabilities B-2 and 1-6, and Childhood Education. 


Friday 5/5 A Sing A-long video

A Mother’s Day song to sing to your mommy’s . Sing along with Miss Monica and make sure to practice the song !

Thursday 5/7 Story Time Video

“Mama Loves You” written by Caroline Stutson and illustrated by John Segal is a book I chose to celebrate Mother’s Day! I hope as you read this story you and your child can discuss the different animals and where they live. Enjoy the story!

Monday 5/4 Story Time Video

A story to celebrate Mother’s Day! "Are You My Mother?" written by P.D. Eastman and read by Ms. Ashley. This story goes along with our literacy worksheet. Pay close attention to the order of events in the story. What events happened in the beginning of the story? What events happened in the middle of the story? What events happened at the end of the story?

Friday 5/8 Story Time Video

“Just For You “ A Mothers Day Story by Miss Monica Sweet Little Critter wants to do something special for his mom. He tries doing big kid chores, but he's too little to get them quite right! What unique gift will Little Critter find to give to his mom?

Thursday 5/7 Math Video

This video discusses what the words EMPTY and FULL mean. After the video, have your child complete the worksheets in the activity packet. Practice EMPTY and FULL with them at home.

Tuesday 5/5 Social Studies VIdeo

This video is about all the things mothers do for us. After the video, read the booklet from the activity packet with your child and discuss the things that mothers do for their children.

Tuesday 4/28 Storytime Video

“The Rainy Day” by Miss Monica. A video story about a rainy day and what happens as rain begins to fall . See if you discuss with your child and point out during the story about all the things that occur when it rains !

Friday 5/1 Storytime Video

“Spring Showers Bring Flowers” by Miss Monica. A story time video by Yo Gabba Gabba. Yo Gabba Gabba talks about rain and growing flowers.

Friday 5/1 Springtime Crafts with Ms. Ashley

Paper plate weather wheel, toilet paper roll flower stamp and paper plate umbrella craft. Don’t forget to check our class webpage for more fun crafts! Enjoy and have fun creating!

“5 little Flowers” A video song by Miss Monica

Join in and sing this short song and count the flowers

Friday 5/1 Social Studies Video

This video is about the words LEFT and RIGHT. LEFT and RIGHT help tell you where something is. Practice LEFT and RIGHT at home with your child and then have them complete the worksheet in the activity packet.

Wednesday 4/29 Science Video

This video shows how to tell the different between mommy and baby animals. Ask your child to identify mommy and baby animals and compare them by size. Complete the worksheet in the activity packet.