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Ms. Gazzano » Welcome to Physical Education and Movement!

Welcome to Physical Education and Movement!

I am the physical education and movement teacher for preschool - 2nd grade. This has been my 12th year at Tiegerman and I enjoy working with the younger students especially watching them grow and physically develop. In my classroom I implement many different strategies to keep things fresh, fun and challenging. If there are any questions that you may have you can reach me at [email protected]


Week of April 27th: Preschool 1-7, UPK 1&2, SA 12-14

Click on link above to watch Ms. G's surfing skills.

Hello Everyone!  I hope everyone is doing their best in trying to stay active during these times.    My classes are for younger children and there are 4 daily activities that I will be posting each week.  Please feel free to do a combination of a few activities or all of the lessons during the week.   Also, if your child extremely enjoys one of the lessons they may substitute it during one of their Physical Education slots.  My main objective is for your child to be active and healthy under these circumstances. 

This week our theme for PE/Movement will be games with “Towels”.   Some games will require the use of a larger towel, while others may need two smaller towels.  These games will be designed to help increase cardiovascular endurance, muscular strength, and balance.  Hopefully your child will enjoy the games and will overall have a fun yet challenging experience. 

Today’s lesson will be focusing on Surfing.  At Tiegerman, I had developed lessons similar during our Hawaiian Themed Days.   A larger towel will be used today as our surfboard.  Starting on their stomach, children will listen and watch for cues on the links that are listed.  In my video, I will take them through a few movements as we pretend to be in the Pacific at an Hawaiian Island. 

Some movements in my videos will be : Paddling with our arms, flutter kicks,   squatting, stretching, and other cardio movements. 

Surfing Based videos:  Cosmic Yoga Surfer Pose #1  Surf and Swim Yoga  Just Dance Surfing USA  Surfer Dude Go Noodle

Week of April 27th: Preschool 1-7, UPK 1&2, SA 12-14

Click on link above to watch Ms. G's launching skills using her towel.

In today’s activities, your child will be practicing positional words “Apart and Together”.  We will be launching objects up with our towels. 

Today, your child will need:

  • 2 Smaller Towels
  • Balls or smaller objects like stuffed animals or socks
  • 1 Larger Towel as a target

As a warm up, have your child use the smaller towels to travel on.  Using them similar to the Paper Plates, place them on the floor and have them practice moving forwards, backwards, and sideways.  This should be 3-5 minutes. 

Towel Launch-  Using the small towel, place it on the floor with the ball on top in the middle.  With holding the towel on both sides, your child will move their hands “Together”, then pull them “Apart” quickly.  The ball should launch in the air.  I found that holding the “Diagonal” ends were easier to get the ball to balance first.    

Once the launch has been practiced several times, your child may focus on trying these challenges:  Hitting the ceiling, having the object land on another larger towel as a target, or counting how many launches can they do in one minute.   Trying to have your child catch the launch may also be an option, but is more challenging. 


  • Change the size of the towel. Your child may benefit more by using a smaller towel. 
  • Having a child launch and a parent /sibling catch. Remember to switch roles. 
  • Using a larger towel, having a parent/sibling hold the opposite end and by working together, try to launch objects up.

** If Towel Launching is too difficult, having a child transfer objects from one location to another by using the towel will be a great activity as well.   This can be done with holding both sides or just dragging objects on the floor using the towel and holding just one end. 

Helpful Videos:  Towel Transfer –could be used with a smaller towel for your child or a large towel with a partner.

Week of April 27th: Preschool 1-7, UPK 1&2, SA 12-14

Click on link above to watch Ms. G help you with some heart pumping exercises.

In today’s activity, we are going to concentrate on exercising our hearts while exploring spatial concepts.  For today, your child will need only one larger towel. 

By rolling up the towel and making it long, your child will follow along the video of me taking them through several challenges. 

Different challenges will include:

  • Walking, galloping, and jumping around the towel
  • Standing over the towel and jogging, squatting and jumping.
  • Jumping side to side over the towel
  • Jumping over the towel forward and backward
  • Jumping with scissor motion, switching feet.
  • Jump and Turn
  • Balancing by walking on a tightrope
  • In a bridge/bear position try walking over the towel

All of these challenges are with the towel lying on the floor.  They can also be done with the towel suspended up using a chair or a small table.   Your child may like to crawl under the towel, then doing a different movement around and go back through.  

Another Helpful Video

 I hope you found this activity to be fun and challenging.  Please feel free to come up with your own movements with towels.  As always, I would love to see videos or pictures of your child so please feel free to send them to  :)

Week of April 27th: Preschool 1-7, UPK 1&2, SA 12-14

Click on link above to watch Ms. G lead you through muscle strength training.

Today’s towel activities are going to be geared towards muscular strength and balance.  I will be focusing on muscular and trunk strength and balance.  Feel free to do modify activities by changing the distance or the amount of time that each activity is done.  

You will need one large towel and two smaller towels for today’s games.   Movements for today will include:

  • Driving Pole Position – Small Towel
  • Leg “Circles” – Small Towels
  • Arm “Circles”-Small Towels
  • Large Towel Shuffle – Forwards, Backwards, and Sideways
  • Let’s Make a Burrito – Log Roll

Other Helpful Videos and Ideas:  - Driving Pole Position – Trunk Balance  - Towel Movements/Stretching   Motor Skill Learning -Seal Walk and Mountain Climber -   Full Body workout Game

Bruno showing off his homemade streamer :)

Way to go Bruno! Love your dance moves. Keep it up :)

Week of April 20th: Preschool 1-7, UPK 1&2, SA 12-14

Click on link above to watch Ms. G take you through the jumping game "Lily Pad"

Hello Tiegerman Families and Friends,

     This week we will be working on the skill jumping.   When we jump, the main focus will be on following these simple steps: 1) Feet together, bending knees, arms back, leaving with two feet with arms swinging forward, and landing with two feet.  As always, I want all my friends to try their best and to have fun. 

Each day, we will practice jumping by participating in several games/activities.  In my videos, I will demonstrate these games and will share links for other variations of these games that may give you other ideas for your child.  Also, I will give a general dance/jump video to provide a little warm up for your child. You can choose to just do one or two if you wish.  Enjoy the games. 

Warm Up Dance/Jumping Songs:

Lily Pad Hop – Using Paper plates as Lily Pads, children will jump on top of the plates to get across the pond.  At first they can follow a path such as a straight line of Lily Pads and progress to a curved line.   For advanced jumping, a zig zag pattern can be used. 

  **A great challenge for your child would be for them to get only two Lily Pads. Starting at one end, they can put down the two pads and jump on top. They would then need to bend down in a squatting motion and pick up the Lily Pad that they aren’t using, then put it down for them to continue their path.   Other family members can join the fun, just make sure there is one extra Lily Pad than the number of people playing.  This would be great for team building and to help facilitate language.

 This can be done inside or outside, with sheets of paper, or hula hoops.  **Simple Instruction  **Frog jump - **Includes 1 foot hop

Week of April 20th: Preschool 1-7, UPK 1&2, SA 12-14

Click on link above to watch Ms. G jump using different patterns

Jumping is an important gross motor skill that touches on a child’s coordination, strength, and balance.  Here at Tiegerman, our students love jumping games and activities, many of which can be adapted to fit your child’s needs.   Games with consecutive jumping will help with cardiovascular health and usually provide great fun.  These games this week can be modified for small spaces inside or outside your home. 

     In today’s activity, children will be asked to jump following the patterns.   In my video, I used pictures of feet to follow patterns.   For children who are ready, I have provided simple patterns for one foot hopping as well.  Please feel free to only do two foot jumping if your child needs more balance.  At home, you can use patterns with arrows, colors, or even directions (i.e. right or left) for more advanced jumping.   

Patterns may include:

  • Two Feet : Forward, Side, Forward, Side, Forward
  • Two Feet: Forward, Forward, Side, Forward, Forward, Side
  • Two Feet : Feet Together, Apart, Together, Apart
  • More advanced: One foot hop, two feet apart, one foot hop, two feet apart (hopscotch pattern)

Warm Up Dance/Jumping Songs:

Other Helpful Links:  ** More Advanced.  The Video is pretty fast.  I would stop the video and let your child practice each pattern. 

Other fun Jumping Ideas:  Jump in puddles, jump into leaves, jump and try to pop bubbles, a trampoline. 

As always, feel free to email me at [email protected] if you have any questions or if you want to send a video of your child and their progress.  Thank you in advance for all your help. 


Week of April 20th: Preschool 1-7, UPK 1&2, SA 12-14

Click on link above to watch Ms. G jump high and far

Hello Tiegerman Families,

    I hope this finds you all healthy, well, and that your child is enjoying the jumping activities.  Today’s activity is a challenge for your child to jump as “High” and as “Far” as they can.   The games can be modified for an outside or inside activity as well as individual skill level. 

Warm Up Dance/Jumping Songs:

Jumping High:  Using “Post It” Paper or pieces of tape on a wall, have your child try to jump up and touch the paper.   To create more of a challenge, the paper can be moved up the wall depending on your child’s skill level.  In this game, a two foot take off is used with the emphasis on bending knees, using looking eyes, and landing in a balanced position.   For a more advanced approach, explain that the tape/paper must be touched two times before it’s moved up on the wall. 

Modifications:  Use a bell/ball attached by ribbon/string hanging from a door way.  This will provide more sound and a visual, which will make it more fun for your children. 

Jumping Far:  This game is called “Jump The River” and focuses on jumping out and far.  During this game, you will need tape, string, ribbon, or something to jump over or past.   Explain to your child that,  “You are hiking in the woods and come across this river.  There is no way around it and therefore you must jump over it to get to the other side.  Remember, you don’t want to get your feet wet and must jump as far as you can. “The River” can be placed at a diagonal line, so you can continue to monitor your child’s jumping range.   This is a modification that I do here at Tiegerman, which helps all ability levels while we are all practicing the two foot take off jump. 

Other challenges may include: clapping their hands as they fly through the air, or turning in the air before landing.   If space isn’t an issue, your child may try to leap over the river, which is a one-foot take off with a one-foot landing.  This could be done with a running head start.

    Whatever the variation, parents and children should continue emphasizing landing in a balanced position to prevent injuries.  Remember to try your best and have fun!!!


Week of April 20th: Preschool 1-7, UPK 1&2, SA 12-14

Click on link above to watch Ms. G's game "Jump & Spell"

Hello Tiegerman Families,

     This year in Physical Education and Movement, we are doing a curriculum with an English Language Arts theme.  Each week we would focus on a different letter and talk about different objects and skills pertaining to that letter.   The children enjoy the letter and seeing the pictures posted.  However, the true excitement comes when they see a new letter :)

Warm Up Dance/Jumping Songs:

    In today’s jumping activity called “Jump & Spell” students will practice spelling words or letter recognition, while jumping on top of letters.   In the video, I used letter flash cards.  However, you can use letters that are handwritten on paper.  The words that I used were all words that pertain to the word Jump. 

They include:  Jump, Feet, Bend, Knees, Swing, Arms, Frog, Bunny, Take Off,  and Landing. 

    Modifications may be to have you child:

  • Jump and find the Letter that you call out
  • Try jumping A-Z
  • Jump on letters that are Curved, zig-zag, or have straight lines
  • Jump and spell their name
  • More advanced children may try their spelling/site words with visual cues.
  • Spelling words with no visual prompts.


I hope you all enjoyed the Jumping Activities this week. I miss you all :)

Week of April 13th: Preschool 1-7, UPK 1&2, SA 12-14

Click on link above to watch Ms. G's scavenger hunt at Sunken Meadow.

Hello Everyone!!!  Hope you are all doing well and are safe.  Listed below are examples of Scavenger Hunts that I found that your child can do.  Most are different Nature Hunts that can be done outside in your neighborhood or back yard. Hope you enjoyed my video at Sunken Meadow State Park as I went on a nature walk and found different objects that was geared towards the different letters of the Alphabet.   I encourage your family to go outside when it is nice out for some fresh air and some sun.  As always, please feel free to send me any pictures and/or videos of your child as I miss them all so much.   

                                                                      Happy Hunting!!!

                                                                      Ms. G (Gazzano) 

Week of April 13th: Preschool 1-7, UPK 1&2, SA 12-14

Click on link above to watch Ms. G dance it out with streamers.

Hello Everyone!!  This week we will be exploring with streamers or dance ribbons.  During this rhythmic activity, students will focus on their balance, coordination, crossing their midline, and listening skills.  

Streamers can be made with a stick with ribbons attached to a stick (chop stick, wooden spoon, paint stick).  Since I didn’t have any ribbons on hand, I used a garbage bag.  First, I held it long ways and cut the sides, making it longer.  Using about a 3-inch width, I cut strips about ¾ of the way down the garbage bag. Last, I bunched the opposite end and tied it together onto a wooden spoon.  Using the spoon is optional and can be done just making a knot at the end to hold on to. Below are videos that you can watch or you can play other music for your children to enjoy.   Please encourage your children to use both hands when holding the streamers.  Enjoy!!!

Videos to watch:

** Streamers are great to free dance with as well.  Pick your child’s favorite song and watch them move freely and make up their own movements :)

Week of April 13th: Preschool 1-7, UPK 1&2, SA 12-14

Click on link above to watch Ms. G demonstrate some skills. 

      Today’s activity is all about using Scarves. Scarves are great for our younger students in that it helps them work on gross motor movements, spatial concepts, as well as tracking skills.  Manipulative skills such as throwing and catching will be addressed as well. Scarves are lightweight, which make it great for throwing and catching at home in small spaces.

     In today’s video you will see me use a cheese cloth as my scarf.  This can be improvised by using a sock, rag, or shirt.   Whatever your child uses, they will enjoy the songs and challenges below.  Please feel free to email me with any questions or comments at [email protected].   Also,  feel free to email any videos of your child’s progress…I would love to see them J  Hope you enjoy working with the scarves. 

Exploring Scarves

Jiggle Your Scarf – (Warm Up)


The Sea

The Weather

Star Wars Scarf Dance

Scarf Exploration –Open PE

Week of April 13th: Preschool 1-7, UPK 1&2, SA 12-14

Click on link above to watch Ms. G's balloon skills.

Balloons are a great activity that can be used inside your home that will help your child’s hand eye coordination, striking, and other math skills such as counting and patterning.

Please watch my video as I take your child through different movements and activities using balloons.  If you don’t have a balloon at home, a blown up plastic bag or zip-lock bag will work as well. 

Some activities can include:

  • Throwing and Catching – In the Air and off a wall
  • Striking with various Body Parts – I.e. hand, head, arm, shoulder, knee, elbow
  • Play Keep It Up – How many hand taps can be done in 1 minute? Can you follow a pattern? I.e. head, hand, head, hand? Hand, elbow, hand, elbow?

Listed below are several links that would be helpful for your children by providing more challenges.  ** More Challenging  ** More Challenging   **Patterns  ** Patterns  ** Patterns

    Hope you all enjoy the videos and the balloon activities.   Work Hard :)

                                            -Ms. G (Gazzano)