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Welcome to English class! This year,we will be studying a variety of texts, such as short stories and dramas. The 9th graders will be studying the tragedy of "Romeo and Juliet" while the 10th graders will be studying the tragedy of "Julius Caesar". Both the 9th and 10th graders will also be exploring types of writing, especially persuasive writing to help prepare them for the English regents, in addition to studying grammar, spelling and punctuation.
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This Week in English (Jan. 22-25, 2019)

Tuesday and Wednesday- REGENTS EXAMS
Thursday and Friday- Continuation of building on our writing skills to help improve our sentences and paragraphs in preparation for argument essay writing (Regents practice)

This Week in English (Jan. 14-18, 2019)

Monday and Tuesday will be spent working on our Marking Period 2 portfolios- this will allow us to see if there is any work missing with plenty of time to make it up (any missing work that has been given must be returned by January 25th).
Wednesday through Friday we will continue to work on building our writing skills to help us prepare for practicing how to write an Regents essay. We will be finishing up the packet we started last week (a review of parts of speech), and will begin a new packet this week which focuses on sentence and paragraph structure and content. 

This Week in English (Jan. 7-14, 2019)

As we transition into the next unit of study (Argument Essay Writing), we will first work on strengthening our sentence writing skills. This week, we will be focusing on writing complete sentences with appropriate parts of speech, verb phrases, prepositional phrases, etc.

This Week in English (Dec. 17-21, 2018)

We will be going over the Study Guides that were to have been completed last week for homework. An answer key will be posted ONCE WE HAVE FINISHED going over the Study Guides IN CLASS. 
Acts 4/5 test- January 3rd 

January 3rd TEST- Acts 4 AND 5

Due to how quickly we are finishing up Romeo and Juliet and Julius Caesar, the test on January 3, 2019 will cover both Acts 4 AND 5. Study guides will be given out next week so that you may begin working on them. This test will most likely be the last test of the second marking period. 

Dec. 4, 2018- Homework

Tonight for homework, you MUST have your test signed AND do test corrections (regardless of your grade). This counts as TWO homework grades!


Romeo and Juliet and Julius Caesar Act 4 test will be given on Thursday, JANUARY 3RD. Study guides will be given out NEXT WEEK.

This Week in English (Nov. 26-30, 2018)

Act 3 test (Romeo and Juliet and Julius Caesar)- THURSDAY
We will be reviewing Act 3 Monday, Tuesday and Wednesday. You should be studying your notes AND your study guides each night for homework. (*9th graders, please make sure you are reviewing your practice essay question. If you need another copy of the text from Act 3, Scene 1, it is available here on the homework page.)

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