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Mr. Lemos's page

You may contact me via email: [email protected]


Please Note

I understand that for the week of March 30 I am posting lessons some of which will be accessed Nearpod.
There are suggested due dates. I have chosen these dates ONLY for the purposes of viewing the file for that day and ease of access.
I will also manually post each file in case you miss a day/you can no longer view the assignment.


For all parents that are subscribed to my personal page:
1) Please complete all lessons in order. (from Day 1 to Day 10. You may need to scroll down to see the file)
2) Please subscribe to the exact period and class to receive regular updates.


Exam on May 9. Classes that are not in attendance due to a trip or school event will take the test during the next following class. Thank You.

Great Gatsby pages 1-4 notes

This is a list of notes for the first few pages of The Great Gatsby. This may help you with the first set of homework and classwork questions. Some items require you to have an opinion/make a judgment about information that is given.


Students have been working diligently to complete portfolios in class. Please submit any work that you may have at home. I will be collecting all worksheets and keeping what is needed for the portfolio.

Important Concepts and Details reviewed in Class:

- The narrator and her husband rents an old house for the summer.

- This move is to make narrator feel better (the country will be a more calm and healthier environment for her).
-The husband is a doctor. Because he is an expert (doctor), it is probably very difficult for the narrator to talk to him or change his mind about her treatment.


These are very similar to the notes that I have posted some time ago. I have added more class notes. On the last slides, there is a list of important line numbers and paraphrases/important notes related to those lines.

Allusion usher notes

On page 17 students were required to complete all of the questions in class after instruction. These notes do not include the answer to question #1, which is a definition of allusion. The three allusions are listed for question 2 and the file contains a sample response for question 3.