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Welcome to Mr. Simon's Business Technology Class Website

Thanks for visiting the Business Technology's Website...You can e-mail me at:
The students will be able to create many great projects during the 2019-2020 academic school year.  The projects for 11th and 12th Grade students are as follows:  
  • Students will develop an awareness of different types of technology, understand how this technology affects society and the workforce, and will use technology to acquire, organize and communicate information.
  • Students will create cover letters, resumes, spreadsheets, calendars, flyers, brochures and make presentations.
  • Students will acquire hands on experiences and real life skills about e-commerce through the eBay program.
  • Students will construct and illustrate business technology topics through web-design pages using Weebly.

Please visit our eBay store at:
  • We are always in need of new and or used merchandises for our online store.
  • Please feel free to donate by sending items to room 205...Thank you!