Week of 4/20
8th Grade Science: HR 6
This week, we will continue to explore the objects in the solar system. 
Monday 4/20
Please review the planets of the solar system through Quizlet.
Tuesday 4/21
Students will assess their knowledge of the planets of the solar system.
Nearpod Code: XHFCA
Wednesday 4/22
Students will learn about Asteroids.
Nearpod Code: CBVSD
Thursday 4/23
Students will learn about Meteors.
Nearpod Code: IPXYJ
Friday 4/24
Students will learn about Comets.
Nearpod Code: MHCJL
7th Grade Math (HR 8 & 9)
This week, we will continue to practice multiply fractions; near the end of the week will be a short mini-assessment on multiplying fractions of all types.
Monday 4/20
Practice multiplying fractions part one
Nearpod Code: FIMSO
Tuesday 4/21
Practice multiplying fractions part two
Nearpod Code: NAJWX
Wednesday 4/22
Review on multiplying fractions of all types.
Nearpod Code: UMAYE
Thursday 4/23
Nearpod mini-assessment on multiplying fractions. You have two days to complete this assessment. Please complete it by Friday, 4/24.
Nearpod Code:TQBOK
Friday 4/24
If you have not yet completed the math mini-assessment, please finish it by today.
If you are finished, please Dreambox for 20 minutes.
7th Grade Science (HR 7,8 & 9)
This week, we will continue to look at the organelles of the cell. At the end of the week, we will take a mini-assessment on the parts of the cell.
Monday 4/20
Students will expand their knowledge on cells through an analogy of other types of systems.
Nearpod Code: YDSHW
Tuesday 4/21
Students will correctly label the parts of an animal and plant cell.
Nearpod Code: HQZNP
Wednesday 4/22
Students will practice matching the correct parts of a cell/
Nearpod Code: PZHOB
Thursday 4/23
Please review the organelles of a cell through Quizlet.
Friday 4/24
Students will complete a mini-assessment on the organelles and parts of a cell. 
Nearpod Code: FNATX