Week of 10/7/19: Learning Objectives

Week of 10/7/19: Learning Objectives


Week of 10/7/2019

Math: We will continue determining how finding unit rates can benefit us in our everyday life (finding the better bargain, calculating pay, etc). We will then determine whether two quantities are proportionate by using tables and graphs. We will identify the constant of proportionality.

ELA: We will begin our argument writing (claim, reasons, evidence, counter argument, rebuttal).  We will write an outline, a draft, and then edit/revise at least 3 times before writing our final piece.

Reading/Writing: We will continue reading passages about the 8 planets and their characteristics. We will then answer short-response comprehension questions based on the passages.

Key Skills: highlighting, restating, key details

Science: We will review what we learned about the moon, sun, and planets last week. We will then learn about the reasoning behind Earth’s cycles: 24 hours in a day, 365 days in a year. We will also learn about what causes seasons.

Our science studies (and social studies units) are often interconnected with ELA, as we often read passages and answer comprehension questions based on our current science and social studies topics.

Social Studies:  We will begin our Native American and Early Encounters unit. We will learn about Native American migration theories, Native American life before European exploration, and what caused European exploration of the Americas.

Technology: Computer Parts: input/output/peripheral devices 

Careers: We will learn about the importance of good work habits. We will identify what work habits are necessary to success in work, school, and home. We will identify our strong work habits and the work habits we would like to improve in.