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Ms. Kellegher

Welcome to Reading and Writing! 
My name is Caitlin Kellegher. This is my fourth year teaching at Tiegerman Middle School, and my sixth year as a teacher. I have experience teaching fifth, sixth, seventh, and eighth grades. I'm looking forward to working with my students to help them become better readers and well-rounded individuals. 
I received my Bachelor's and Master's degrees in Childhood and Special Education from Molloy College in 2017 through an intensive 5-year program. I'm currently certified in Childhood Education (1-6), Students with Disabilities (1-6), and Students with Disabilities (7-12). 
Please scroll down for recent posts and homework. 


New Pictures Posted

Please visit the "Photo Album" on the right side of my page and select "HR 10 2020-2021." Then click on "Fall 2020" to see pictures of our class in action!

Happy Father's Day!

Happy Father's day to all of the wonderful men in our students' lives! I hope everyone is enjoying the beautiful weather and having a restful and relaxing day.

COSA Tiegerman Talent Show!

Hi Parents and Friends,

COSA from the High School and Middle School have joined together to create a Virtual Talent Show for all Tiegerman Schools. The Talent Show is May 22. Video submissions are due on May 20th. There will be prizes for each age category. Students wishing to participate should follow this link and fill out the form.

I hope you can all participate. You all have your own unique talents, and I'd love to see them! Good luck to all of you!


Ms. Kellegher

Assignments and Google Classroom

Happy Mother's Day to all of you wonderful moms and the women in our students' lives!
Assignments for this week will be posted on Google Classroom. Assignments for the day will be posted on the class tile. At this point in time, you should be able to see Monday's assignments.

Science Lesson Video for 5/7/20

Hi Everyone,
Due to technical difficulties, I was unable to upload the video of today's science video. However, Mrs. McKeefrey was able to upload it from her computer! Click here to view today's science video! Sorry for any confusion.
Ms. Kellegher

Google Classroom

Hi Parents!
Please check your emails for your child's login information for Google Classroom. We will begin using Google Classroom on May 11th instead of Tiegerman's website. If you have any questions, please feel free to reach out. I will answer your questions as best as I can.

Assignments for 5/4/20 to 5/8/20


Ms. Perillo


Monday Nearpod Access Code: YQEBC / The All-American Slurp Vocabulary

Monday Video:  The All-American Slurp Vocabulary Video


Tuesday Nearpod Access Code: PVWNE / Building Background

Tuesday Video: Building Background Video


Wednesday/Thursday Nearpod Access Code: EQZUD / Family Interview

Wednesday/Thursday Video:  Family Interview Video and FlipGrid Instructions


Friday Nearpod Access Code: VDHYS / Reflections

Friday Video:  Reflection Video



Mr. Formont

Social Studies

Mon: 5/4 KNDUA


Tue: 5/5 BSJLD


Wed: 5/6 EJNYW


Thurs: 5/7  Mr. Formont’s Webpage


Fri: 5/8 Mr.Formont’s Webpage





Mr. Formont’s Webpage

Mr. Matulich



See Ms. Kellegher’s page for a video


TueXLGTP or DREAMBOX-Student Choice


See Ms. Kellegher’s page for a video


Thurs: RHNBZ






Mrs. McKeefrey


Monday 5/4

Nearpod Link: LUROG

Lesson Video


Tuesday 5/5

Nearpod Link: PHUKS

Lesson Video


Wednesday 5/6

Nearpod Link: PJHQK

Lesson Video


Thursday 5/7

Nearpod Link: GPLED

Lesson Video


Friday 5/8Field Trip Friday: Shark Diving

Nearpod Link: EOHXQ

Lesson Video





Mrs. McKeefrey’s Teacher Page

Ms. Perillo

Life Skills

PLXQI / Balanced Diet



Mr. Egelman


Monday - Wednesday -  Nearpod Access Code/Materials: Effective Teamwork -  

Wednesday - Friday - Nearpod Access Code/Materials: Accept Our Emotions -


Mr. Egelman’s Teacher Webpage


Ms. Keegan


Please check Ms. Keegan’s Webpage for Assignments


Mr. Zoly


Monday 5/4/2020-John Coltrane

Wednesday 5/6/2020-Dizzy Gillespie


Ms. Cosmadelis


Please see Ms. Cosmadelis’ Webpage