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My name is Rachel Tarnowski and I have been a teacher for 12 years. I possess four different New York State Teacher certification and am Wilson Reading certified. I look forward to working with your children this year!


Guided Reading Activity # 8

Hello All! 
Please complete this newest activity toward your Guided Reading project. Check back again on Friday for the next activity. I hope you are still enjoying your reading selection! 
Ms. Tarnowski :) 

Guided Reading Activity # 7

Happy Sunny Monday!
I hope you all had an enjoyable weekend! Here is another page toward the Guided Reading Project. I will be loading another on Wednesday and Friday, so please check back. I hope all students are enjoying their books!
Thank you, Ms. Tarnowski

Guided Reading Activities activity 5

Hi Monday!
I hope you all had a restful weekend! Posted above is the next activity worksheet for your child to complete based upon their book of choice. The Guided Reading project will be due on May 15,2020. There will be an additional posting this week. Keep up the great work!!!!!  Thank you for your support! Everyone seems to be doing very well!  Best, Rachel Tarnowski

NEARPOD code week of April 20,2020

Good Morning !
The newest NearPod code for this week is BYNXH . All "folder colors" will complete this assignment.  Please note that is student paced for easier comprehension. I hope that you especially enjoy the virtual reality slides. Stay healthy and safe!

Happy Monday!

Good Morning All:
Thank you to those students that are completing their NEARPOD assignments and working on their "GUIDED READING" projects. Keep up the awesome work! This week I posted a new NEARPOD assignment code. All "folder colors" will be using the same code to access the assignment. It is quite lengthy, it contains a quiz, short answer written responses as well as other activities. Please note that it is student paced. Each student should work at their own pace to ensure comprehension and a higher rate of fact retention. I think the students will enjoy the slides that contain Virtual Reality videos. Hopefully, this will  enhance the learning process!     All the Best, Rachel Tarnowski

Guided Reading Packet/Project activity 2

Good Morning!
There are new Nearpod Assignments Codes posted for your child to complete by the end of the week. Also, I have posted the next assignment from the Guided Reading Packet/ Project ...... a little a head of schedule......Please continue to work on this at your own pace.The entire packet is due May 15. 
Thank you, Ms.Tarnowski

Guided Reading Activities Cover

Good Morning!
Thank you for picking out a book to use for this project. Please fill out the cover page and I would like you to think about why you chose this book. (be prepared to write about it.  This will be the start of a 15 page project packet.
The entire packet will be due on Friday May 15, 2020 
Thank you, Ms. Tarnowski

Guided Reading Packet Project

Hi All!
I trust this weekend was enjoyable and healthy. For those students working on their NEARPOD assignments please continue to do so. I do realize there were some challenges along the way. 
In an effort to serve the student and maintain their comprehension skills ,  I will be posting a " Guided Reading" project that will encourage each student to read and answer pertinent questions based on the book they chose. Please start to pick/ review a book of interest. The student can chose a book based upon their  COLOR FOLDER and LEXILE Reading list for that Folder. They are as follows:
BLUE FOLDER: LEXILE range : 450-620
YELLOW FOLDER: LEXILE range: 550- 790
GREEN FOLDER: LEXILE range: 700- 950
Please note that these are suggestive ranges based on the functioning level in the classroom. They are meant to suggest and encourage the student to try their best.
Some helpful online ways to find a good read:
Your local library may have resources as well. Please have a title and author by mid-week, so that the book they have chosen can be recorded.
Thank you, Rachel Tarnowski

Student Codes For NEARPOD

Good Morning!
I trust all are doing well and getting into the routine of the new normal. In an effort to serve the students during this time, I have reposted all of the NEARPOD codes and would like to have the students proceed with completing them at their own pace. Please continue to complete during this week (if possible). For those that are working toward finishing those assignments please proceed to take a writing prompt from the Enrichment Packet. I would recommend the
" IF I HAD A POT OF GOLD" or "MY GOOD LUCK STORY" on the second and third page of that packet. Each offers a graphic organizer to assist the child to plan their writing!
Stay Well, Rachel Tarnowski

Monday Morning!

Good Morning!
I hope you all had a restful weekend. I know that last week was a time of adjustment for all. My assignments on NEARPOD and the enrichment packet  posted should still be worked on this week, please encourage your child to pace themselves according. Please also express to them how much my Teacher Assistants and I miss them in our classroom. I welcome the opportunity to conference with any and all who need additional support. Stay Healthy! Thank you for sharing your child.
All My Best, Rachel Tarnowski