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Greetings....My name is Ms. Trainer and I am a licensed Reading Specialist. I received my M.A. in both Developmental Reading and Educational Administration from New York University. I have been teaching for over 30 years and have worked with students of all ages from elementary school through college. I have also worked extensively in the animal field where I conducted many in-service education programs for employees, teachers and school children. My goal is to make a positive impact in the life of each student I teach. I want them to reach their potential and have a positive impact in our world. Each child is special to me and I will learn a lot from them as well.

This year I teach reading and writing to 7th graders. During the course of the year we will be reading books, both fictional and non-fictional, and write paragraphs and reports. Skill development will be an area of concentration which will enhance reading proficiency. I also teach life skills to one 7th grade class. Students will be learning many aspects of healthy living so that they can develop healthy lifestyles and be able to adjust to real-life situations. 

There will also be selected students that will be receiving one-to-one individualized remedial instruction. An evaluation will be made of each student's needs and correction addressed accordingly.