This week - October 14th 2019

Apples, apples and more apples this week! 
We learned about the life cycle of apples, we made an apple core and illustrated the parts of the apple (skin, core, flesh and seeds), we also taste tested three different apples and made a graph of our favorite color - the most popular was "all of them!" with twelve votes! 
We read "Apple Trouble" by R. Scamell, "Johnny Appleseed" by Jane Kurtz, and "A Day at the Apple Orchard" by M. Faulkner, and A. Krawesky. 
We sorted apples (pom poms) using large tweezers, by color, we used apple scented play dough to make numbers and matched the number on the mat to the amount of apples in the trees. We measured ourselves against apples on the wall, and did a 'roll and dot' game. 
We also wrote our names on paper apples, we cut apart our names and glued them back together - we talked about letter order, the names of the letters and how we only use a capital letters for the first letter in our names. 
In other activities: we decided on 4 rules for the classroom: 
Be Respectful (sit on the carpet quietly, listen to our friends)
Be Responsible (Clean up, say "I'm sorry" when we need to)
Be Safe (helping hands, walking feet)
Be Kind (Take turns, listen to each other) 
We also talked about the color of our skin, and make a classroom heart with all our skin colors in it. And we made a list of the weather - we talked about the weather we had on Wednesday - it was sunny, cloudy, rainy, and windy - all in one day!