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All About Me!

Hello! My name is Catherine Monaco. I am the UPK teacher in room 114. I taught Pre-K from 2008 to 2018 at St. Joseph's College. I have teaching certifications in General Education (Birth-2nd Grade, 1st-6th Grade) and Special Education (Birth to 2nd Grade). I also have a Master’s Degree in Literacy and I am currently working towards my teaching certification in TESOL (Teaching English as a Second Language).

Last year, I took a year off from teaching to study Greek, volunteer, spend time with my family and substitute teach in Kindergarten to 8th grade. I have four children and only have two left at home. My youngest is 14. I have a dog named Lucy. I love to travel, garden, read, build things, face paint, ski and have fun!


Ten Little Birds by, Emily Ford (Tuesday's Book Reading)

After you are finished listening to Ten Little Birds, your activity is to complete the Counting Birds Worksheet which I will post on the webpage. What they have to do is count how many birds are in the tree and write the number in the box. At the bottom of the worksheet their is a visual of how to write the number. If they are still having trouble writing the number, write the number in a highlighter and have them trace over the number.

Monday Social Studies Lesson

All animals grow and change. Human babies are called infants, they grow and change into adults.

Animals in Spring by, Kathryn Clay (Monday's Book Reading)

For your activity, I would like you to draw a picture of your favorite animal that you see in the Spring time. After you are finished drawing your animal, I would like you to name your animal and write it at the top of your paper and post your picture on our webpage.

Weely packet 4.27.2020

 This week we are going to be learning about spring animals and their babies. 
On Monday, we are going to be playing a counting animal game online, watching a video about baby animals and then playing an online matching game, we are also matching the uppercase and lowercase letters from a to g. We are also doing yoga online, racing to connect paperclips and playing red lightt, green light. 
On Tuesday, we are counting springtime objects, drawing lines to match the adult and baby animals, watching the letter g video and putting on a concert!
We are also playing with a balloon, and making lego letters to spell your name. 
On Wednesday we are using flip grid to show each other our pets and saying what the baby of your pet is. We are matching more adults with their babies counting with an online game and matching objects to the letter they begin with, we are also playing sports charades, rolling tissue paper to make a collage, and having a dance party. 
On Thursday, we are counting chicks, cutting and gluing baby animal with their adults, and completing the letter H page. We are also making paper chains, exercising, and playing in the sand. 
On Friday, we are counting insects, and writing the number of the spring insects in the box, putting more animal babies and adults together as we name them, and connecting the letters A-Z to create spring pictures. We are also playing tic-tac-toe, singing and moving to 'Stand Up, Sit Down' and having a shape scavenger hunt. 
We also are going to try a new vegetable, jump rope, cutting the grass with scissors and looking to different birds. 
Please remember to watch the teacher's videos everyday, watch Ms. H's books and activites as well as the specials scheduled activities and flip grid. 

Friday's Book Reading

After watching my intro video, click on the link that's titled Earth Day Everyday by, Lisa Bullard. This is the book that they will be listening to. Once you are finished listening to the book, the activity is to listen to the song We've Got The Whole World in Our Hands. I will also put the link on the webpage. Have a great day!