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Pre-K/Elementary News

Parity Bill Update

I received rather disturbing information this afternoon concerning the fact that the Division of the Budget will advocate aggressively against our parity bill. We must fight harder. Attached is a letter for your friends and family to sign.

State funding for special education providers in limbo

We want to make you aware that as the state budget is finalized, there has not been an increase in special education funding in years. Public Schools continue to receive funding year after year, while programs like ours get left in the dust. Please click on the link below to see one of our very own families advocate for this unfair treatment. No Parity No Peace!

Longtime supporter, Joseph R. Ficalora has joined the Tiegerman Board of Directors

Mr. Ficalora’s long standing support of Tiegerman, which spans decades, has been integral to enabling Tiegerman to fulfill an important role in our community. Tiegerman is honored to welcome Mr. Ficalora to the Board. His dedication to our mission and his overwhelmingly inspiring body of experience will help guide Tiegerman into the future.

Tiegerman's Gala Goes Virtual!

You are cordially invited to attend Tiegerman's Stronger Together Gala: Celebrating Our Heroes from the comfort of your own home on March 25th!

You are Tiegerman Tough!

"We can accomplish anything if we stay together and stay Tiegerman Tough." Dr. Jeremy shared in his recent State of Union address. So we have started the Tiegerman Tough Club - as this year has been hard for many we need to remember we are all in this together and together we can make a difference!
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