Tiegerman Parents Book Sales Support Our School!

**UPDATE!!  The Samuels were interviewed  by Fox News and are featured on their June 8, 2018 Podcast--scroll to the 15:40 mark and listen to the wonderful 4.5 minute interview of our Tiegerman parents turned authors by reporter Tonya Powers! Here is the link:  https://radio.foxnews.com/podcast/fox-news-rundown/
Jamiyl and Tracy-Ann Samuels have written a beautiful, sweet and funny book about "superhero" Amani (based on their son Trey).  The Samuels' have been touring book stores and passing along book store sale profits to Tiegerman because they are, "... truly blessed and thankful we are for what you have done for our son Trey. Donating proceeds to Tiegerman was the least we could do."
Recently the Samuels family completed a four day exhibition at The Jacob Javits Center in NYC for BookExpo and BookCon (see pictures below) where they not only promoted their book but shared how Tiegerman School has helped Trey. We are grateful for their appreciation of the extraordinary education Trey continues to receive and not only will be serving on the Philanthropy Advisory COuncil, but participating in the support of our 19th Annual Golf Outing