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How to Help Your Child Succeed In and Out of School in 2023

School is a time when a student can gain new experiences, lifelong friends, and valuable knowledge they'll take with them well after they graduate. But behind a successful student is always a dedicated parent or guardian who helps them reach their full potential. Learn how you can help your child succeed in 2023 and beyond!

How You Can Help Your Child Reach Their Best Potential

Taking a proactive role in your child’s life gives them positive reassurance that you genuinely care about seeing them excel in everything they do. Here are a few practical tips you can use to  set your child up for success: 

Learn More About Your Child’s School

Your children will spend most of their time at school. By becoming familiar with the institution's layout, rules, curriculum, and special events, you can provide the support your child needs to navigate their academic year without issue.

Understanding the school also comes in handy in emergencies, such as your child getting sick or getting in touch with one of their teachers. Tiegerman offers in-person and online tours, community events, and many other resources to prepare students and parents with everything they need to thrive at one of our schools! 


Have A Regular Sleep Schedule

Ensuring your child gets proper rest can be a simple way to ensure they have enough energy to get through the school day. On average, a child needs at least nine hours of sleep to get through the day smoothly.


Healthy sleep promotes better memory retention, more stable moods, and fewer nurse office trips. Limit your child's screen time at least an hour before bed and have a consistent bedtime routine to help them feel energized all day long.

Help Your Child Stay Organized

With homework, after-school activities, and playing with friends, helping your child manage their time is a valuable skill you can teach them for school and beyond. Even something as small as creating a personalized calendar for them or checking their assignments each night will help them keep track of what they need to do. 

Tiegerman Cares About Your Child’s Success

Teaching your child valuable life skills and being involved in their education will provide a solid foundation for their future. Here at Tiegerman, we'll give you the educational resources you need to ensure you play an essential role in helping them succeed in school and beyond. If you want to learn more about our curriculum or have any questions about our programs, please contact our staff today.