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No Parity. No Peace.

Dear Teachers, Parents and Friends,

It is time to mobilize our campaign to Governor Cuomo concerning the two legislative bills that were just passed.  These two bills directly affect the salaries, programs and services in non-public schools statewide - preschool and school age programs.  This means that thousands of children, tens of thousands of children including each and every child attending Tiegerman has been affected over the years by lower salaries and fewer services. 

Let’s be clear, we have a difficult road ahead of us.  This is the beginning and not the end of our campaign.  We must amass as many letters and emails as possible and keep collecting letters and emails until the bills are signed. 

I want to repeat what I have told all of you.  The issue of parity is discriminatory and has been an established practice in New York State for over 35 years.  It is not acceptable anymore and it must be stopped.  Teachers in public schools earn 30% more than teachers working in non-public schools.  No more! 

Collect as many signatures as you can.  Get your friends and family to sign.  This is for your child, his program and his teacher.  If you have any other suggestions, please let me know. 

P.S. Put this on social media, Facebook, Instagram, Twitter.  Together we can correct a terrible injustice in special education.

Dr.  Tiegerman