High School Class of 2019 is the largest Tiegerman's History


Jamé Krauter
Director of Fund Development




Successful Graduates moving on to College and Careers


QUEENS, NEW YORK – JUNE 28, 2019  Congratulations Tiegerman High School graduates!  The Class of 2019 is the largest graduating class in Tiegerman’s history, with 45 students.  Having worked hard and prepared well, Tiegerman graduates are moving on to some impressive next steps in their lives.

Many graduates will be taking their next step into a successful future through vocational training programs.  Some will be pursuing higher education at such institutions as Brigham Young University, Queensborough Community College, Kingsborough Community College, Borough of Manhattan Community College and more.

Tiegerman 2019 graduates are ahead of the curve with a graduation rate of 87%.  This exceeds the typical New York City Schools reported graduation rate of 76% in 2018.  Working hand-in-hand with student families, Tiegerman educational staff have guided these successful students, with autism spectrum and developmental disorders, through the New York State Common Core Curriculum.  In addition to the academic curriculum, graduates will carry memories with them of special events, student government, sporting events and rallies, alumni day, prom and many other enriching experiences. Some students will also have memories of their time with Tiegerman (formerly SLCD) since Kindergarten at Tiegerman Pre-School and Elementary in Glen Cove, NY. 

Dr. Ellenmorris Tiegerman, CEO and all of the administration, educators and therapeutic staff wish continued success to the Class of 2019.  Their stories will continue to inspire others not only in the realm of special education, but in the success of all graduates writing their new chapters into adulthood.

About Tiegerman

Founded in 1985, Tiegerman (formerly SLCD) is a 501(c)( 3) not-for-profit organization dedicated to helping children with developmental and autism spectrum disorders. We provide special education programs for preschool and school age children (K-12) and a complete Adult Services program through Tiegerman Community Services (TCS). Schools and Community centers are located in Long Island and Queens serving all ages throughout the 5 boroughs and Long Island. At Tiegerman we believe language is the key to creativity, self-expression and academic achievement. Our classrooms are language laboratories that provide the right teacher, the right setting, the right support and the right curriculum so that our children can be successful. TCS provides Supported Employment (SEMP), Day Habilitation, Respite and Program without walls, and Residence for developmentally disabled individuals. Visit www.Tiegerman.org to learn more.